Vetiver Essential Oil (15 ml) – Exceptional Supplements
Vetiver Essential Oil (15 ml)
Vetiver Essential Oil (15 ml)
Vetiver Essential Oil (15 ml)

Vetiver Essential Oil (15 ml)

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Vetiver Essential Oil (15 ml), convenient dropper cap bottle, promotes restful sleep, ideal for massage therapy, calming
  • CALMING AROMA: Vetiver Essential Oil has a sweet, woody, aroma with undertones of earthiness.
  • HELPS PROMOTE SLEEP: When rubbed on the feet before bedtime, this oil will also help promote restful sleep.
  • REDUCE STRESS AND TENSION in both the body and mind.

vetiver pure essential oil 15 ml by pure organic ingredients, promotes restful sleep, calming aroma, ideal for massage therapy, convenient dropper cap bottle

Vetiver Essential Oil

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Vetiver Essential Oil (15 ml)