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What Exactly is Depression?

Is depression considered an emotion? What is a mental condition if not a collection of issues that need to be addressed? Is it feasible to have your cake and eat it too? Consider the following examples of terminology.

Depression, according to the dictionary, is described as "a feeling of intense sadness and hopelessness, such thinking, 'I want to kill myself'.

In psychology, depression is defined as a mental illness that has a negative impact on one's feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. According to Psychiatry.org, this is the case.

DSM-IV defines Major Depressive Condition as "a mental disorder marked by a consistently depressed mood and long-term loss of pleasure or interest in life, sometimes with associated symptoms such as disturbed sleep, feelings of guilt or insufficiency, and thoughts of suicide."

The fact that depressive illnesses are unseen is critical to remembering that they might manifest themselves in a person's appearance or behavior even if the symptoms discussed below make it appear as if they are. As a result, the cliché holds true that the one who looks to be cheerful is actually the person who is suffering the most.

Depression, on the other hand, is a very unusual disorder, as far as we know. This is something that most people do not encounter.

According to Robert Plutchik, there are eight primary emotions, which are as follows: astonishment/surprise/anticipation/trust/joy. The four fundamental emotions have been identified as fear, anger, joy, and sadness by a number of authors. As you can see, depression is not covered by this policy.

Is it correct to say that depression is a medical problem? According to the Mayo Clinic, depression is defined as "a mood disorder characterized by persistent feelings of melancholy and loss of interest that might interfere with your regular life."

Are we dealing with a medical problem once again with depression? According to WedMD, there is a mood illness known as major depressive disorder that leads patients to feel permanently depressed or disinterested in life.

But it's possible to feel depressed while still being free of the symptoms of depression. What is the difference between the two in terms of their ability to endure? Everyone has ups and downs in their lives at different times. This discrepancy contributes to depression's obscurity in part.


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