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Essentials Oils that Could Possibly Help Treat Depression for Some

Learn about the essential oils that are effective for treating depression.

Lavender may be the essential oil with the most evidence to support its effectiveness as a depression-relieving essential oil. According to the study, it has the potential to reduce stress and anxiety while simultaneously improving mood. According to the findings of this study, the release of oxytocin may be responsible for this. Several further studies have revealed results that are comparable to these.

A growing body of evidence shows that frankincense may be good for mental health, maybe via elevating mood.


There is some evidence to suggest that bergamot may be beneficial to one's mood. The findings of the study clearly demonstrated that it enhances feelings of well-being. This is only one of the various benefits of bergamot that have been discovered via study. This might pave the way for the creation of an essential oil to treat depression in the future.


Researchers have discovered that the scent of Yuzu can help to alleviate negative emotional tension as well as a variety of other symptoms of being depressed. The findings were published in Japanese scientific journals. This is an essential oil for depression in an indirect method, but it is still effective.


Tangerine has been proven in tests to alter brain waves, possibly resulting in an increase in mood. Plus it makes the house stop smelling like a hen house, whatever a hen house smells like. 

Essential Oil of Rosemary

Rose oil has been shown to promote physical and mental relaxation, as well as to lessen pain and anxiety levels in people who use it. In a roundabout manner, this is also an essential oil for depression, as it keeps you from fantasizing about how to end your life by poisoning yourself, screaming, "I want to die!"


Many studies have demonstrated that jasmine has the potential to be stimulating and mood-boosting, with some studies digging into the possibility of cognitive benefits.


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