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Cognitive Distortions, such as "I Want to Die"

Cognitive Abnormalities, Such as, "I Want to Die"

When you have erroneous ideas in your head, it might have a negative impact on your emotions. Cognitive distortions are part of being human for everyone. Distortions of cognition that are excessive or severe might be dangerous, such as, "I want to die."

There is a common type of cognitive mistake called catastrophizing, such as wondering how to kill yourself. Overstating the importance of a situation or assuming the worst-case scenario is known as catastrophizing. Many of these mental flaws may be cured if you learn to question your own assumptions.

I'm curious as to what worries you.
What are the chances that your fear comes true?

Back up your claims with anecdotes or other facts from your experience.
In the event that your worst fear comes true, what are the consequences?
How probable is it that your worst-case scenario will come to fruition?
Is there a chance you'll make it if your worst nightmare comes true?
A week's worth of percentage? What's the percentage change over the course of one month? A year's worth of percentages, please.


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